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Welcome to Discovering You Journal Collection. We are the premier provider of elegant and sophisticated journals that are designed to accompany you on your self-discovery journey. Journals are much more than beautifully bound books of empty pages. They are the keepers of your thoughts, your worries, your hopes and your dreams. They tell your story.


We have designed the Discovering You Journal Collection to be just as beautiful and unique as that story. Journals, like the lotus flower, can provide enlightenment and awareness for anyone who dares to dream. Through the act of composing your thoughts and feelings, there's a purity and a healing that is found when you connect with your inner self. It's intentional, spiritual and transformational.


We invite you to peruse our collection to find the journal that feels right to you. And let us know how your journaling is going. We'd love to hear from you! Enjoy the journey... Journal Collection for women and girls of color and even one for our men too!


Journal of your choice, pen, candle and book mark for $25

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