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how to watch

Our three-day online experience will include various ways to watch and participate in the homecoming celebration. On the event menu, you will find a column called ACCESS.  Next to each event you will see one of three access methods.  Read below to learn more about how to access events on the virtual homecoming schedule.


Join us for a live tutorial on ‘How to Watch’.



Watch when ready.

On Demand indicates that the event is set up for viewing or participation at your leisure.  Meaning, you can watch it at any time after it is posted to the website. 


To watch an on demand event, hover your mouse over the video image and push the play icon.  You may start, stop, rewind or fast forward the video at any time.

To participate in an event, simply click form or application located on the webpage.

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Watch it live.

Live stream events have a specific premiere date and time.  This time is noted on the event list.  To access a live stream event, choose an event from the main menu.  On the event page, you will find a 'live stream' icon, at the top of the page.  Click on this icon and it will take you to the live video stream. 

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Sign up first.

Registration required indicates that an event involves virtual face-to-face interaction, and will require you to enter a secure virtual environment to participate.  Click the ‘registration required' icon and complete the online registration form. Access instructions will be sent to your email address.

To attend a  live event, we recommend updating your device to the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11 or Opera.

Chrome or Firefox are the recommended browsers for best experience. 

Please click on a link below to update your brower:






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